Sunday, 17 March 2013

"Lifelights" Review

Ever wondered what life would be like if you were your own energy source? To power your home bill free, to keep yourself warm in the coldest winters, to turn into beautiful balls of light when you “make love”? 

Join Sebastian, Mara and co in Alina Voyce’s Lifelight Series (Lifelights, Light Evolution and 21st Century Light) and discover the lifestyle of a special species whose daily life circulates the above mentioned phenomenons.

Voyce’s novels tell the story of a power hungry world, scarily similar to the world in which we live today. The leaders of this world will go to any lengths for money and power, regardless of the costs or lives of others.

Following a group of Lifelights - a species made of energy, using the human form as a disguise - we experience the highs and lows of their existence; facing challenges from the female Lifelight’s first “change” to rescuing an innocent young Lifelight from the steel hold of ‘Synergy’, the enemy.

All three books provide you with an exciting, page turning story, tackling issues prevalent in an our society. Using the Lifelights, Voyce shows the reader the consequences of a power hungry society. She also openly ridicules society's blunt lack of respect for nature.

These books have something for everyone. Not only does the story light up your heart, but the narrative voice is so diverse that it proves suitable for readers of all ages. Containing some fairly explicit sex scenes, the details are subtle enough for younger teens (14-16) but also exciting enough for older readers (18+).

The only criticism which could be pinned to these books is the depth to which “the change” is explored within each novel. This provides a fantastic introduction to the Lifelight species in the first novel but delays the action in later books.

Available on Amazon:      LifeLights      Light Evolution      21st Century Light

Also out now, free to download, is a short novella; Hunting Light

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

End of a story

I always find that, upon finishing a fantastic book, never mind a stupendous saga, I feel a little lost and empty. Almost like the feeling you get when recovering from a nasty break up. At a loss of what to with my spare time, before moving onto a new venture, I decided that the best way to get over the roller coaster of emotions I'd just experienced, would be to start blogging reviews of the books I'd read. This way, I get to recap the highs and lows of the emotional journey, as well as getting to share with the world the joys of what I'd just read !!

For me, I always find it far easier to connect to fiction than to the real world. Presumably because you have the knowledge, deep down, that what happening Is Not Real. You allow yourself to bond with characters who you'd normally avoid, because, deep down, you know you can pick them up and put them down whenever you choose ... you don't really have to deal with them.

You can lose yourself to fiction, because fiction is safe. Whether it's a crime thriller or a love story, you know the tragedy is not true but allow yourself to be immersed by the journey and by the perks of the text; be it characters overcoming a life long battle with claustrophobia in the most unlikely situations or even a whole species battling the Evil Humans, who wish to use their power for their own personal gain. 

We experience the highs and lows, because we can. We can allow herself to feel the joys and pains of our beloved character; when it gets too tough, we know we can just put the book down and continue with our own life.

Fiction is safe. Fiction is an escape. Fiction is a necessity.